Our Manifest

We are UGETAM.
We are here to ensure seamless flow of the life and uninterrupted living standards.
In laboratory or field, while using a microscope, or working underground…
We are everywhere whenever we are needed.
With our transparency, expertise, knowledge, experience and unlimited energy
We are working relentlessly.
Not only a mere auditor or certifier, but an enabler, an idea-conceiver,
We place perseverance and commitment in addition to knowledge experience, and curiosity and courage in addition to experience.
Thence, we not only pursue present but also future.
Always one step ahead than yesterday, always bettering off standards, a companion to our business partners,
We are the assurer of the quality for the society.

Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy adopted at UGETAM stems from the high esteem we hold in human and its environment.  In every area UGETAM operates in, Occupational Health and Safety is the main priority. UGETAM carries on its activities within a defined plan in order to carry out the risk management activity diligently while ensuring sustainable growth. With this growth, it follows a path considering the safety of personnel, visitors as well as personnel of contractors ensuring their involvement in the system to minimize the accidents. In all processes, a proactive pproach is adopted, carrying out occupational safety activities in line with national and international legislation in order to prevent work accidents, ensure uninterrupted communication in case of emergencies, and keep up the principle of continuous improvement. To provide a healthy and safe work spaces, everyone is responsible for fulfilling their obligations in their areas of authority. One of our most important goals is to protect our all personnel and our environment against potential risks.
To this end, we are committed to
  1. Analyze and minimize the potential health and safety risks in the work spaces,
  2. Organize training activities in order to build and raise awareness on the Occupational Health and Safety,
  3. Take any kind of precautions, to keep, and ensure, when necessary, use of, tools, devices and personal protective  equipment  available in accordance with the applicable OHS legislation and other OHS-related requirements in order to ensure healthy and safety of personnel, visitors, contractor personnel and our personnel working outside our workplace, at workplaces including outbuildings.
  4. Through an effective risk assessment, to identify and eliminate in advance unsafe situations and actions, potential accident risks which may cause work accidents and occupational diseases at workplaces including outbuildings.
  5. Through identification of the risks that may cause work accidents and occupational diseases at workplaces, to ensure health, safety and social welfare of all personnel, contractor personnel and visitors, and to minimize any potential material and moral loss incurred by all personnel and their families,
  6. To train our personnel in the field of occupational health and safety, and ensure them to have high level of awareness on the occupational health and safety,
  7. To ensure personnel and visitors of our workplaces respect the rules of occupational health and safety implemented by our institution,
  8. To make our institution an exemplary company for our parent institutions, chambers of commerce and associations in term of OHS practices,
  9. By closely keeping up with the evolution of energy world, to forecast any future potential situations, ensure continuous development and review our current situation.

By adopting the goal of “zero work accident and zero occupational disease" and accordingly taking necessary precautions, to improve our efficency.

Our Quality Policy

National Qualifications are technical documents;

  • Prepared on the basis of national or international professional standards,
  • Used for the purposes of learning, measurement and assessment,
  • Describing the knowledge, skills and qualifications individuals must have to perform their professions successfully, and the measurement and assessment process they must undergo to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and qualifications,


and put into force by Professional Qualifications Agency.

Measurement, assessment and certification processes which are in conformity with national qualifications are carried out by certification bodies licensed by Professional Qualifications Agency (PQA). PQA Qualification Certificate is issued to individuals who passed the exams and tests.

National qualifications consist of qualification units and learning outputs.

Qualification unit means, an individually measurable, transferable qualification module, incorporated as a basic requirement or optionally in the national competences.

Learning output means knowledge, skills and qualifications acquired by an individual after completion of any learning process (regular, common, private).

Commitment of Management

UGETAM Senior Management

Declares that TS EN ISO/IEC 17025 Test/Calibration services, TS EN ISO/IEC 17024 Personnel Certification services, TS EN ISO/IEC 17020 Inspection services and quality system will be kept up and maintained under ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 Standards and in conformity with all other standards, norms and defined accreditation system and will not compromise on this service approach.

Undertakes that they will carry out all services in strict adherence to competence, impartiality, independence and integrity principles so that they will be responsive to the requirements of our clients, governmental authorities or entities; will not strictly exert and stay away any administrative, commercial, financial and technical influence or pressure on personnel during delivery of said services and activities; and will not engage in any activities which may jeopardize the client results of testing/calibration, certification and inspection services; and will protect and maintain secrecy of the confidential, personal and commercial data, report, test/calibration results and proprietary rights of Clients; will not engage in any action that may cause distrust; will not engage in any actions that may create conflict of interest, and will acknowledge legal and administrative sanctions had they involve in any conduct that may contravene with foregoing matters.