What is Certificate of Professional Qualification?

Certificate of Professional Qualification is a certificate awarded to individuals, in any profession, once they satisfied the requirements of national qualifications defined by Professional Qualification Agency.

What is National Professional Standard?

NPS is a minimum standard which defines the knowledge, skills, behaviors and attitudes, as accepted by Professional Qualification Agency, necessary for the successful performance of a profession.

What is National Qualification?

National Qualifications are technical documents;

  • Prepared on the basis of national or international professional standards,
  • Used for the purposes of learning, measurement and assessment
  • Describing the knowledge, skills and qualifications individuals must have to perform their professions successfully, and the measurement and assessment process they must undergo to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and qualifications,
  • Approved and put into force by Professional Qualifications Agency.

Measurement, assessment and certification processes which are in conformity with national qualifications are carried out by certification bodies licensed by Professional Qualifications Agency (PQA). PQA Qualification Certificate is issued to individuals who passed the exams and tests.

National qualifications consist of qualification units and learning outputs.

Qualification unit means, an individually measurable, transferable qualification module, incorporated as a basic requirement or optionally in the national competences.

Learning output means knowledge, skills and qualifications acquired by an individual after completion of any learning process (regular, common, private).

How to get a Certificate of Professional Qualification??

To obtain a PQA Certificate of Professional Qualification, there must be a national qualification as well as a certification body licensed by PQA for this national qualification relating to the profession for which an individual seeks certification.

Entire process of examination and certification is managed by licensed certification bodies, and individuals submit their applications for examination to certification bodies which are authorized in the national qualifications for which they seek certification.

The candidates who successfully passed the theoretical and performance-based exams held as per specific national qualification awarded with PQA Certificate of Professional Qualification and a wallet-type ID Card for this purpose.

How to Apply for Certification Exam?


A candidate who wants to apply for certification exam is directed to the online services page at the Ugetam website, where they will learn about exam process.

Candidate will initiate the pre-application process following one of the methods below.

Via UGT-PB-FR-056 Certificate Request Form

Via e-mail, or via fax (provided that certification sought and personal information are comprehensible), via online application page, or via official Whatsapp line.

If applicant have special needs (such as illiteracy, application in foreign language, physical disability, etc.), they are prompted to indicate their conditions in the Certificate Request Form.

Final Application

Application details and necessary documents submitted by the candidate, physically, or via electronic means, will be reviewed and then, if found suitable, approved by Staff of Certification Office, or Personnel Responsible for Examination.

Candidate whose application evaluated will be informed about approval or denial of his/her application via SMS or e-mail over UGETAM Enterprise Software. Applications will be evaluated and the result will be notified to candidate no later than one week.

In case of any health condition and/or loss of limb which can prevent candidate from doing the job, such conditions will be indicated by personnel who received the application on the UGT-PB-FR-056 Certificate Request Form, and if necessary, application will be denied. If necessary, medical report will be requested.

Application will be admitted by having signature of the candidate on the UGT-PB-FR-056 Certificate Request Form and UGT-PB-FR-059 Personnel Certification Agreement. Candidate will submit the documents required for exam as defined for the relevant program. Applications of Non-destructive Inspection Personnel will be obtained using UGT-PB-FR-110 Non-Destructive Inspection Certificate Request Form, and UGT-PB-FR-111 Non-Destructive Inspection Personnel Application Eligibility and Acceptance Form.

For fields an application submitted, is it possible to take exams promptly? What is the process?

Pre-enrollment is applied during application. Once program launched, enrollment takes place, and notified to candidate via SMS. If there is a launched program, then enrollment takes place immediately.

How much is our Service Fees?

You can check the TÜRKAK and PQA SCOPE fees at https://oim.ugetam.istanbul/mesleki-yeterlilikler.   For PQA Fees, please see: Attachment 1.

Does PQA Certificate have a validity period?

2-3-4-5 years depending on the qualification.