Hot-Tap Uninterrupted Water Supply

As a first in Turkey, we applied “Hot Tap" operations in order to carry out “insert valve" installation, branching, repair&maintenance, retrofitting displaced equipment and installation of new equipment without cutting off the water supply on the potable water lines.

“Hot-Tap operation" is an application carried out using special fittings without cutting fluid flow in order to ensure continuity of a working line, displace or blind the line, or perform regional repairs.

Hot-Tap applications is a method which has been used in the natural gas transmission and distribution industry for many years. Hot-Tap applications and insert valve applications which are used in advanced countries for potable water without cutting water supply are carried out by UGETAM for the first time in our country.

Hot-Tap operations which are carried out without cutting water on potable water transmission and distribution lines are applied to steel pipes with a diameter of up to 1000 mm.

We enjoy the status of being the institution which applied Hot-Tap method for the first time in Turkey, for operations with various diameters and properties on potable water transmission and distribution lines of water administrations such as ISKI and ASKI.

We are also the institution which applied Hot-Tap method for the first time in Turkey on the pipelines transmitting high temperature fluids (185-200C) in Geothermal Energy Plants.

Key Points To Consider in Hot-Tap Operations

In the Hot-Tap operations, the most suitable method must be selected for the operation in question, and, during the operations, special attention must be paid to the OHS&E rules and operational procedures.

It is crucially important for progress and completion of the works that welding operations must be performed by a specialist “Hot-Tap, live line" certified welder, and installation and dismantling works must be carried out by specialist personnel trained in this field.

In addition, the necessary measurements and tests must be conducted and checks must be made to verify if these suit to the project.

After inspections, with the approval of operation, production process is initiated step by step.