Ever-changing climate conditions due to the global climate change, growing industrial production and air pollution require consumption of water resources in a highly efficient manner. Despite of being located in a geography renowned with rich natural resources, Turkey is moving fast towards becoming a water-poor country.

Water resources of Istanbul are at the lowest levels of the last decade. This situations show that we have to make efforts in order to ensure proper and efficient use of the water. Using the water, an important heritage we will hand down the next generations, in the most proper and frugal manner is at our hands.

To do our part for this vital issue, we, as UGETAM, are carrying out works for creation of a smart network management system thanks to which it will be possible to evaluate the data and create forecasts in order to instantly monitor the water from its origin up to the faucets, and take discharge stages under control, as well as to monitor and take water loss under control.

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