For a smart water management, it is vitally important for you to know what assets you have. For this reason, as part of “Corporate Asset Management System" works, we are bringing a system into life, which enables to keep records of and tag the existing inventory of water administrations are kept, to plan maintenance and preventive maintenance requirements, to issue job orders, to measure efficiency of the assets, to identify remaining service lives, and accordingly to plan the procurement.
KUVARS; is a system which enable to monitor maintenance management of the assets existing in the systems created by institutions according to their service purposes along their life cycles. Priorities in corporate asset management include to plan, optimize, apply and monitor the necessary maintenance activities with the skills, materials, tools and data.
As part of corporate asset management system-based smart network transformation project, we are carrying out our works in order to establish communications between field-installed quality devices of online water and sewage waters and servers at ISKI Head Office and perform field improvements.

What are the Benefits of Corporate Asset Management Projects?

Through planning and monitoring of the life cycle of assets, maintenance will be provided to right asset at the right time taking into account the effect of unavailability of the asset on the system. Corporate Asset Management will also increase the economic efficiency of the system and prolong the life of the network, keeping track of all details of the system, ensuring substantial optimization.

  • Maintenance costs will be planned and predictable.
  • Inventory will be minimized. No inventory will be accumulated for long years.
  • There will be a predictable budget and manageable finance.
  • There will be a right investment planning streamlined to the requirements.
  • Quality of the workforce will increase, costs will be minimized.

What is Water Loss Management?

Water Loss Management is creation of a hydraulic model of potable water network, and pressure map charting. Goals of these project;

  • By reducing the pressure on high pressure network lines, to avoid water losses in the network,
  • By reducing the pressure, to lower the energy consumption, workforce, equipment and vehicle costs required during a failure,
  • By taking the failures under control and minimizing them, to increase the customer satisfaction, eventually contributing in brand equity of the company.

Methods and Precautions To Avoid Water Losses

  • By creating pressure maps of the network, to take amount of lost water under control,
  • By creating DMA and Sub-Isolated Zone in the network, to calculate water loss,
  • To replace the existing meters with smart meters to combat with illegal use.