About Us

As UGETAM, we are one of our country’s pioneering companies in training, certification, testing, inspection and audit services. With our policy principled upon enhancing the living standards and conditions of people, we provide technical and professional support to local administrations, enabling them provide high quality utility services.

We accomplished to receive all three (3) certificates (Type A Inspection Body, Personnel Certification Agency and Testing Laboratory) from Turkish Accreditation Agency (TURKAK). We enjoy the status of being the first institution authorized by Professional Qualification Agency (PQA). With certification and authorization, we are providing third party inspection service in Trans Anatolia Natural Gas Pipeline Project (TANAP), inspection and survey works of natural gas distribution companies on behalf of Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EPDK), and welding inspections as well as repair and maintenance operations, without cutting water supply, for Melen Pipeline operated by ISKI, and we use our specialist personnel and advanced technologies in all of our projects.

At our facilities equipped with the state-of-the-art technologies with our qualified specialists, we continue our operations at full steam in exemplary collaborations with all relevant institutions and organizations. We train qualified human resources as much needed for the utility industry as part of our activity areas, we identify the qualifications, and provide accredited, impartial and independent services in personnel certification, inspection, testing and calibration fields in order to support the technological operations. At the same time, we organize awareness raising events in order to increase the level of quality in these fields.